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Local Government Chronicle (LGC)

With new Home Office contracts agreed for the housing of asylum seekers in Glasgow, over 700 asylum seekers (84%) have already transferred from being supported and accommodated by Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Housing Association respectively, to support and accommodation being provided by YMCA Glasgow and the Angel Group. That leaves 125 asylum seekers still to be rehoused over the next couple of months.Most asylum seekers in Glasgow – there are 5,000 altogether, less than 1% of Glasgow’s total population – have not been affected by the contractual changes at all and are not required to move home.Glasgow City Council, NASS, the Angel Group and YMCA Glasgow will be meeting with affected households in Pollockshaws to reassure them that every effort will be made to rehouse them in the same area and to talk to them about the timetable and arrangements for the moves.COSLA Refugee and Asylum Seekers’ Consortium spokesman Andy White said:’I welcome the meetings that are planned with asylum seekers affected by the new contracts. The meetings are necessary and I hope they are helpful to the people involved at what must be a stressful time. The consortium – which brings together local and central government, housing providers, police, health and voluntary sectors, and asylum seeker representatives – is keen to ensure that there is minimum disruption caused for affected asylum seekers. There are lessons to be learned and shared to make sure that asylum seekers and the wider communities in which they live, are kept well-informed about proposed changes.’NotesIn addition to the meeting in Pollockshaws, the Angel Group and a representative from Glasgow City Council’s Asylum Seekers Project will also visit asylum seekers, prior to a move, and explain the timescale and the address to which they are moving.The transition process is nearing completion and will result in Glasgow City Council retaining 81% of the provision, with 19% split between the Angel Group and the YMCA Glasgow. All accommodation providers work to consistent national standards of service defined by IND/NASS.Glasgow City Council statement All service users in Scotland should be aware that all accommodation providers, Glasgow City Council, The Angel Group and YMCA Glasgow work to consistent rules and standards of service which are defined by IND/NASS commercial standards. These are applicable across the UK. If anyone has any issues over the standards of accommodation or services they should immediately contact IND Scotland’s contract compliance team at 200 Brand Street, Glasgow, G51 1AR


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July 17, 2006 at 4:35 am

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