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Lincolnshire Echo

March 28, 2003

The Angel Group, which now owns Caythorpe Court, near Sleaford, has confirmed it has had no approaches to use the complex as an asylum accommodation centre. At a meeting with Lincolnshire MP Douglas Hogg, a solicitor representing the company, Brian Yates, said an approach from either Government or local authorities would still be seriously considered. But with no such approaches forthcoming, the company was reverting to its original long-term plan for the 31-acre site. It wants to establish a residential estate with properties sold to owner-occupiers. Mr Hogg said: “The Angel Group said its preferred option was to develop Caythorpe Court for residential purposes. “This had always been its long-term objective but they had brought that concept forward and would now like to develop it for that purpose. “If it was so developed then obviously the risk of it being used as a refugee or asylum centre would disappear.” Mr Hogg said the company had already had discussions with planning authority South Kesteven District Council and intended to meet with English Heritage. “The Angel Group has told me that its preferred option is to use Caythorpe Court for residential purposes and that it has now made that its short-term objective. “However, in order to achieve that it will require a constructive approach from both the planners and English Heritage. “It is clear to me that if there are serious obstacles placed in the way of Caythorpe Court being developed as a viable Page 81 Refugee hotel bid dropped THE JOURNAL (Newcastle, UK) April 8, 2003, Tuesday residential site alternative uses will be considered.” Mr Hogg said he understood the Angel Group was not excluding use of Caythorpe Court as an asylum or refugee centre. But he had warned Mr Yates that the virulent opposition to such plans would re-surface should the company choose to pursue that option. “I made it very clear to the representatives that any proposals to use Caythorpe Court for asylum seekers or similar purposes would be vigorously opposed by the local community. “I think it is in all our interests that the proposal to use Caythorpe Court for residential purposes be given a fair wind.” South Kesteven District Council leader Linda Neal said she would welcome discussions with the company on the future of Caythorpe Court. “That would help our understanding of what the Angel Group is trying to do,” she said. “If you are involved in a process, you can always try to help and influence it. If you are not involved, you cannot. “Our main concerns would be for the villagers. We would not like to see Caythorpe Court developed to the extent that the existing services in the village cannot cope.” What do you think? Write to Your View at Lincolnshire Echo, Brayford Wharf East, Lincoln LN5 7AT. Or e-mail yourview@lincolnshireecho


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March 28, 2003 at 11:18 am

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