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Residents warn of asylum refuge plans

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Lincolnshire Echo

December 16, 2002

It was once home to one of the country’s top farming schools and has a strong association with one of the Second World War’s fiercest battles. But today the people of Caythorpe, near Sleaford, are not discussing crops or the bravery of veterans. They are talking about plans which could see up to 300 asylum seekers housed at Caythorpe Court – the former Lincolnshire School of Agriculture – as early as next month. With only 500 houses, Caythorpe has always been a close-knit community with just two pubs, a convenience store and a post office. It was the base for the 1st Airborne Division which joined the huge air assault Operation Market Garden into Arnhem in Holland in September 1944 – an event still commemorated in the village every year. The focus of the asylum seeker residence plan – the former Lincolnshire School of Agriculture complex – was once home to a thriving educational facility where many farmers learned their trade. Village chip shop owner Richard Turner is worried about the plan. He said: “We are a very close village here. “Even the new housing developments we have here are done on a small scale. “I am not a racist but everyone just wants to protect the kind of quiet rural life we have.” Developers the Angel Group acquired Caythorpe Court last month with a view to converting the former school into flats. But as the Echo reported on Friday, the group has announced plans to use the 31-acre site as a temporary refuge for asylum seekers. Adam Miller (20), a cold store worker from the village, said: “Without a doubt we will see trouble in the village if the plans go ahead and I bet they won’t all stay up at the college. “Caythorpe is a great place to live. It’s got everything you want. Football teams, cricket teams, pubs and a really good social life.” The residents have organised a public meeting on Thursday to look at ways they can protest against the plans. Jenny Lowis (63), who lives in High Street, Caythorpe, said: “When we moved to Caythorpe 37 years ago, it was a lot smaller. “It is a really desirable place to live as it is nice and quiet with a good bus service. “We are very worried about a change in house prices if the plans go ahead.” The Angel Group is yet to issue final plans for the site as they are currently awaiting Home Office approval. A spokesman for the Angel Group said: “No decision or options for the future use of Caythorpe Court has been made. “Angel Group representatives recently met members of Caythorpe Parish Council to hear their concerns and discuss the options. “The Angel Group assured parish councillors that once the company was in a position to make a decision it would consult the public.” Barman Robert Binns (50), who is a member of the parish council, attended the private meeting on Tuesday. “It all appears very underhand and we weren’t even told about the sale,” he said. “It is a sleepy little rural community and always has been. I just don’t think the village could cope with it all.”


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